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What is vermicompost and vermicompost extract?

Vermicompost is composted organic waste converted by earthworms (by simply eating) into a powerful fertilizer. Going through a worm's digestive tract enriches organic matter with nutrients, beneficial substances and microorganisms, which makes vermicompost more versatile and efficient than simply compost- or manure-based fertilizers. Extract is a concentrated liquid form of vermicompost that has all of its qualities plus the ease and of use and multiple applications. Find out more from our Blog.

What benefits does it have?

GROWO provides plants with nutrition throughout the growing season, enhances their growth and development, helps them withstand environmental stresses, boosts their resistance to pathogens, and increases yield by 30-40%. It contains natural antibacterial and antifungal agents, restores the soil and improves its fertility. Moreover, it is a Nature's little factory in a bottle, because it's thanks to soil microflora that plants can effectively absorb their food.  Think of it in terms of human gut microflora, which is essential for human health and proper immune system functioning.

What plants can I use it for?

GROWO is a universal fertilizer for all plant types. Click the images below to learn more about its benefits for different plants.

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