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GROWO is a comprehensive, 100% organic fertilizer that does not require the use of any additional fertilizers. Your plant is provided with the necessary nutrition, in a perfectly natural way through enrichment of the microflora that surrounds it. 

GROWO is a liquid vermicompost extract that has all the wonderful properties of vermicompost and is very user-friendly for amateur and professional gardeners alike, as it is used for watering and/or sprinkling as well as for soaking seeds before sowing. It works perfectly for all plant types: decorative plants and flowers, vegetables, fruits, berries, lawn grass, bushes and trees.

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We have incorporated our experience gained in the healthcare industry into our medical documentation service. 

We provide medical document translation and localization services in cooperation with different translation agencies and platforms worldwide. 

We specialize in regulatory documentation for medical devices, including clinical studies, reports, protocols, IFUs, etc.

We are also passionate about writing on various health-related subjects, ranging from purely professional to general day-to-day healthy lifestyle tips and ideas.


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Save yourself the hassle of hiring employees for fixed-term projects. We offer our skills and expertise in the areas we know well.  

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