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Vermicompost is a concentrated organic fertilizer produced by earthworms. The fertilizer is rich in vital plant nutrients, trace elements, enzymes, growth hormones. It contains a high volume of humic substances.

Vermicompost is truly unique and completely natural, with its microorganisms ensuring that the soil stays loose, allowing the air to penetrate within.

Vermicompost allows the moisture to remain in the soil for longer, while at the same time it helps prevent excessive water build-up. 

The use of vermicompost improves the agrochemical characteristics of plants and crops. Vermicompost is invaluable for growing organic produce.


NPK content may vary from batch to batch

N - 0.8-2.2 % P - 0.26-0.48 % K - 0.5-1.33 % Moisture - 30-70 % Organic matter - 18-60 % pH - 7.0 - 9.5


Vermicompost should be mixed with soil. If plants are already planted, then a fertilizer dose can be applied to the soil surface.

Different types of seeds - 5 ml

Seedlings and small plants (up to 20 cm length), flowers, strawberries, etc. - 20 ml for each plant

Vegetables - 50 ml for each plant

Decorative and berry shrubs - 500 ml for each plant

Fruit trees - 1 L for each plant

Soil fertilization - 4 L per m2

For best results use in combination with GROWO Organic Vermicompost Extract


Made from manure sourced from an organic farm. Produced in Latvia. Processing site approval no. A065144




GROWO Organic Vermicompost 10L

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