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100% organic fertilizer for ornamentals and green plants. Organic liquid NPK-fertilizer 0,02-0,09-0,25. Contains all nutrients necessary for a plant's nutrition as well as a range of highly beneficial natural substances. Promotes growth and development, encourages rooting, improves decorative qualities, increases verdurous mass, helps create lush green vegetation.

Nitrogen (N) 0,02%; Phosphorus (P) 0,09%; Potassium (K) 0,25%

pH 9,5; Organic substance 1,3%; Moisture content 97%

Made from vermicompost produced from cow manure from an organic farm.


GROWO Vermicompost Extract for Ornamentals

  • As a general rule, use 1 cap of extract per 1 liter of water for watering and spraying plants every 7-14 days. Let tap water sit for 24-48 hours before mixing it with Growo. See Product Descriptions for detailed instructions. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Wash hands after working with the product. Do not spay in the heat or strong wind. Keep away from direct sunlight. Store at temperatures between +5°— +25°С, do not freeze.

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