Updated: Apr 22, 2021

As the cold weather rolls in, plants, both outdoor and indoor ones, become less active and need less nutrition and even less watering. How do plants know it’s time to go dormant? They can sense the decreasing daytime light levels as autumn days become shorter. It’s only natural that their biological activity during this period of time is limited as they are in their resting phase. So, unless it is a plant that flowers in winter, you should not water them and feed them as much as you do in the growing season.

How often can you use GROWO for indoor flowers and ornamentals during the winter season? As the top part of the plant goes dormant, the roots continue to absorb nutrients, though at a slower pace. Unlike mineral fertilizers, GROWO doesn’t cause salts to get accumulated in the soil. It is essentially a slow-release fertilizer that is used by a plant as needed. It also helps plants go through winter and protects them from plant diseases and harmful insects.