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Spring is on its way!

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

We are sure that our customers liked this year’s snowy winter. After all, snowy winters also have a positive effect on plants and soil fertility. Snow protects the soil from freezing through, which helps avoid damage to plant roots. Snow serves as an insulation, without which the water in plant cells would most likely freeze and damage the cell membranes. Deep snow will also protect plants from wintry winds that dry out flower and leaf buds. At the same time, it keeps the soil from warming up prematurely so that plants don’t start flowering too early.

In spring moisture from melting snow penetrates the soil and reaches plant roots making them wake up from their resting state and start growing. For those plants that grow in natural conditions thawing snow becomes one of the most significant sources of moisture throughout spring. The winter snow effect can also be observed in summer as plants use up thawed water stored in the soil.

Another benefit of snow is that its cover protects plants from rodents. If the snow is thick enough, it can also serve as a barrier from larger animals.

That’s why this year we can expect great growth for our seedlings, a nice harvest and an abundance of colors in our gardens. You can also improve soil quality and fertility by using different types of soil enhancement products.

One of the most effective ways of improving soil fertility is using bio-humus or vermicompost, which is a waste product of earth worms. Studies have proven efficacy of vermicompost products, that surpass ordinary compost and other organic fertilizers in their positive effect.

GROWO vermicompost extract is a versatile fertilizer that doesn't require the use of other products. Vermicompost contains a huge number of useful bacteria and fungi as well as other groups of microorganisms. The environmental interactions between these groups of organisms are very complex and diverse. By using GROWO vermicompost extract, you create a friendly environment for plant life, enrich the microbiome around the plants and revitalize the soil. As a result, you get organically grown plants that enrich your nutrition and make you healthier. If you are using GROWO for non-edible plants, such as lawn grass in your backyard, you can rest assured that your children's clothes and skin will not come in contact with chemical fertilizers causing an allergic reaction.

We offer biohumus-based GROWO feritilzers for fruit-bearing trees and berry shrubs, all kinds of vegetables, flowers, ornamentals and lawn grass. You can learn more about our product range and choose your product on our website:

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