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How does vermicompost extract protect plants from diseases and environmental stress?

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

GROWO vermicompost extract acts a natural microbiological preparation that protects plants from phytopathogens. It contains various beneficial aerobic microorganisms of several groups and their water-soluble byproducts, including humic compounds. Moreover, unlike other regular compost extracts, vermicomposts possess antibacterial and antifungal properties and act as natural repellents. Vermicompost extract contains both water-soluble components (humic acids, fulvic acids, organic acids, amino acids, regulatory peptides, vitamins, hormones) and live soil (rhizospheric) microflora. Bio-fungicidal and growth stimulating properties are provided by various aerobic microorganisms:

• nitrogen-fixing symbiotic and non-symbiotic bacteria; • phosphate- and potassium-dissolving microorganisms; • rhizobacteria; • cellulolytic and mycorrhizal arbuscular fungi. Phosphate-dissolving microorganisms are able to convert insoluble soil phosphates into soluble forms thanks to the release of organic acids.

Cellulolytic microorganisms are able to enzymatically decompose even resistant polymers such as cellulose and lignin. Mycorrhizal fungi inhabit root hairs and provide a living connection between root hairs and the environment - they encourage plant growth, increase plant resistance to diseases and stressing conditions.

Laboratory and field experiments have shown that aqueous vermicompost extracts significantly suppress phytopathogens the following genera:

Verticillium (wilt, dry rot), Phomopsis (blight, black spot), Sphaerotheca (powdery mildew), Uncinula necator (powdery mildew), Pythium (blackleg), Rhizoctonia (blackleg), Plectosporium, Phytophthora (phytofluorosis) and Fusarium (fusarium).

Bacterial contamination is reduced five-fold due to the biological activity of worm castings in the soil, and the number of pathogenic microorganisms becomes 28,5 times smaller.

That's why using GROWO could also be seen as a biological method of decontamination and treatment.

Soak seeds before sowing or young plants before planting for disease prevention and a stronger immunity. Further protect your plants by watering or spraying at regular intervals. Help plants get better by spraying solution on affected branches/leaves. Read more in Instructions for Use.

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