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Not all organic fertilizers are made equal. 5 advantages of vermicompost

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

There are many different organic fertilizers on the market. Why should I pick vermicompost products?

1. It’s truly organic

Vermicompost is produced from natural raw materials following the way it happens in nature, but moreover, its action in the soil is based on nature’s own processes.

2. It’s truly effective

Vermicompost is superior to other organic fertilizers in terms of its effect on growth, development and yield of plants. It contributes to the creation of an optimal, favorable response of the environment. One gram of vermicompost may contain more thana billion bacteria and a million fungi, let alone other microorganism groups, and naturally interactions between these groups of organisms are very complex and diverse.


It is known that plants cannot get nutrients from the soil on their own, and in order to digest them, they need microflora to dissolve and break down the necessary substances for nutrition, at the right time. It is also a microbiological fertilizer as it is home to a unique community of microorganisms that create soil fertility. Unlike other fertilizers, including organic fertilizers, vermicompost use creates an optimal environment for plant nutrition throughout the ripening stage.

3. It’s NOT your ordinary compost or manure

The nature of microbiological processes in vermicompost and compost is totally different. Thus, in composting the main role is played by thermophilic bacteria, while in formation of vermicompost - by mesophylla and fungi, whose activity is stimulated by worms. The majority of most useful microorganisms come from the worms' digestive tract. As a result, worm droppings act as a kind of a reserve that accumulates beneficial soil microflora. Therefore, vermicompost works significantly more efficiently in soil than ordinary compost.

Unlike with conventional compost, with vermicompost use production on fruitless shoots, excess nitrates in fruits and loss of taste or storability are practically non-existent. On the contrary, all the beneficial properties of the harvested crop are only improved at a moderately high yield levels while optimal health levels of plants are preserved.

Vermicompost's microflora is one hundred times richer than that of animal manures. 1 gr. of vermicompost has more than 1 billion colonies of bacteria, when manure has 50-350 million respectively. In terms of humus content vermicompost surpasses manure 7-fold, and 10-15 times in efficiency.

4. It has superior nutritive properties

Humates obtained from peat, leonardite and coal have extremely low levels of ACTIVE components, unlike vermicompost. Vermicompost contains significantly more mobile nutrients in worm droppings, 10 — 31 times more digestible potassium, 7 times more phosphorus, and twice the amounts of calcium and magnesium compared to other organic fertilizers. Vermicompost nutrients are slowly dissolved in water and thus can provide plants with nutrition for a long time.

5. It improves soil structure

The granularity of vermicompost has multiple effects on the soil. It contributes to increasing the level of soil structure quality, improves water and gas exchange processes, reduces the acidification effect of mineral fertilizers, enriches the soil with biological substances, etc.

In addition to improving soil structure, vermicompost increases Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) — the ability of soil to retain nutrients in a form available to plants, which means that plant roots that growing in vermicompost-fertilized soil absorb even mineral fertilizers applied to the same soil easier.

Vermicompost's unique communities of microorganisms beneficial to soil and plants displace pathogenic microflora, stabilize trace elements and humates. Vermicompost makes the soil healthier, increases the resistance of plants to diseases and eliminates many widespread plant diseases.

Vermicompost has other valuable properties, such as high moisture capacity, moisture resistance, hydrophilicity, mechanical strength, absence of weed seeds.

Vermicompost is able to accumulate up to 70% of water and is up to 15 times more effective than any other organic fertilizer.

Take your pick!

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