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Our health begins with healthy soil

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

People eat natural food of plant and animal origin. If it is healthy, balanced and ecologically sourced, it will not only satisfy your hunger, but will also provide you with biologically active substances that help resist the negative effect of environmental changes.

This way we get a positive feedback system – by cultivating biological farming we restore the damaged environment, and by consuming sustainably-grown foods we protect ourselves from the consequences of the uncaring attitude towards the environment.

Is there a fertilizer that works the way it happens in Nature? Liquid vermicompost extract is a new type of organic prolonged-action fertilizer in which the nutrients are chemically balanced and act in synergy, capable of restoring the soil and reducing negative anthropogenic effects, especially where increased doses of mineral fertilizers have been previously applied.

Its action does not disturb the course of natural processes in the soil and gently steers them in the right direction, restoring the ecology of both the soil and cultivated crops, as microflora is capable of restoring dead soil, which means restoring all of its functions and capacity for high fertility.

Vermicompost extract has the ability to provide biological protection to plants and accelerate growth and development. This becomes possible thanks to the plethora of microorganisms found in vermicompost, and they came from the worm's intestine. Worm castings (feces) are the centers of microbiological activity: by absorbing organic substances, worms digest them, releasing with their waste a large amount of own intestinal microflora, enzymes, vitamins, biologically active substances that possess protective properties and hinder the development of pathogenic microflora.

In comparison with other organic fertilizers vermicomposts contain significantly more mobile nutrients in worm castings: 10 — 31 times more digestible potassium, 7 times more phosphorus, 2 times calcium and magnesium.

Vermicompost contains a huge number of useful bacteria and fungi as well as other groups of microorganisms. The environmental interactions between these groups of organisms are very complex and diverse. Of these billions of microbial cells that can be seen under the microscope in the soil sample, the vast majority cannot be isolated, grown and identified when cultivated even with the help of the most recent laboratory methods. We don't yet know how these microorganisms function and interact in the real world, all we know is that they exist, and we're just starting to learn how only 10% of these microorganisms really behave in the soil ecosystem.

By using GROWO vermicompost extract,

you create a friendly environment for plant life, enrich the microbiome around the plants and revitalize the soil. As a result, you get organically grown plants that enrich your nutrition and make you healthier. If you are using GROWO for non-edible plants, such as lawn grass in your backyard, you can rest assured that your children's clothes and skin will not come in contact with chemical fertilizers causing an allergic reaction.

So where does our health really begin?

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